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About Us

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Attendal was founded in 2012 in Spain as one of the first real provider in its area of custom developed software tools for companies. In the meantime, Attendal became successful at the forefront of its sector and the absolute reference in new solutions.

Already with some international clients and portfolio, Attendal moved to Lisbon and is now working on further growth in multiple European countries. We are located in the new Valley, here in Portugal, and stay regularly in Dublin and Madrid too.

What we do for you

What our team of engineers will do for you

We provide software solutions to maximize the profit of our clients, companies of all size. Our team formed by highly skilled engineers and business analysts combines quality with the efficiency of our unique solutions, where work is fluid, fast and easy. Attendal is a long term partner for a company that wants to grow.

We’ve worked with big companies like Telefonica Foundation, FEF (Spanish Football Federation), public sector and other great corporations.


These are some of the technologies that we use to develop the different solutions for your business. They are part of the forefront of the software sector.

We also use TensorFlow, an end-to-end open source platform for machine learning. Companies all over the world, like Airbus or Cocacola, use it to train their artificial intelligence machines. It’s the future. We built the future.

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